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Because Your Clients

Plan to Live a Long Life…

Planning for their longevity and potential long-term care needs is critical. When people consider threats to their retirement planning they usually think of losses due to the down market. What they many times fail to consider is the risk of needing long-term care and costs associated with providing this care. As a nationally syndicated financial columnist put it “Long-Term Care costs can devastate retirement plans faster than a bear market.”

For Our Brokers We Provide:
  • LTCI Training - Including history, Medicare, Medicaid, and key planning strategies
  • Underwriting Assistance - For proper case placement The Key to your succes
  • Objective policy analysis - With spreadsheet comparisons
  • We work several ways - Jointly, independently or by referral
  • Continuing Updates - As changes occur in the LTC Industry
  • Marketing Assistance - Letters, ads, brochures, articles, seminar packages
  • Affinity Programs - For groups, associations, employers, credit unions, etc

They Need to Be Educated…

To understand that Long-Term Care is in greater demand than ever before. Long-Term Care affects 1 in 6 households in America yet most people have failed to plan ahead for this type of care. Many people are concerned about this issue but they are not sure where to turn. They should turn to you their insurance / financial advisor with whom they have a relationship. You need to be proactive with your clients regarding their need to plan ahead for future long-term care expenses. Many of your clients are not aware that you offer this service and they are turning to door-to-door salesmen or other planning firms that advertise this service and may not work in their best interest.

Long-Term Care Planning Matters…

It matters to your spouse, your children and your family. Because Long-Term Care is a family matter. Planning ahead guarantees you the financing to pay for care, the ability to get care where you want, and relieves the burden to your family. It allows your family to care about you and not necessarily have to care for you. Peace of mind, protection and independence, that’s what matters.