Our Approach to Medicare

Medicare, Easier with Professional Assistance
Parts: A & B and Medicare Supplements/Medigap Insurance

Since Medicare began we at Harding Harding and Associates, Inc., have specialized in providing quality Supplemental Coverage for Medicare Beneficiaries. Whether your needs be secondary coverage to Medicare Parts A and B or help with deciding the best Part D coverage for the upcoming year we can assist you. We provide service that is just a phone call or short drive away, and toll free nationwide phone numbers.

Being independent we constantly search the supplemental insurance marketplace for the most competitive policies in your area. Our plans cover any hospital and doctors that accept Medicare, not just those on network lists or Advantage Program arrangements.

We help those people with Medicare understand their Parts A, B, and D benefits and the value of traditional Medicare. We can also review Part C of Medicare, the Advantage Plans (HMO, PPO etc.) where your traditional Medicare is suspended. However, we strongly believe that beneficiaries have the greatest flexibility, control, and independence with traditional Medicare and supplemental insurance.

Part D: Prescription Drug Plans

We also help beneficiaries make their annual Part D, prescription drug coverage plan selection. Many people fail to realize that Part D plans change annually and that you should review your plan every year. Not doing so could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We do not represent any drug plan. However, we compare all plans in your state with the medications and dosages you provide, and assist you with the proper choice. We review total annual cost, pharmacies covered and any restrictions.