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Since 1970 we have designed, critiqued, and brokered Long-Term Care Insurance. We research and bring to you the highest rated plans for Long-Term Care Insurance in Ohio. With over 60 years of combined experience, we can provide knowledge and insight that can only be gained through experience in this market.

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Long-Term Care:

LTCi For Individuals & Couples

Long-Term Care Insurance - Plan Customization

Long term care insurance planning for individuals and couples is our specialty. We’ve been custom designing plans for our clients for over 35 years. Our experience, knowledge and objective advice allow us to compare policies and make sound planning decisions with our clients. Being independent we search out and bring to you the most comprehensive policies available from today’s top insurance carriers.

During our time together we’ll review:

LTC Plan Design
  • Cost of care where you plan to reside
  • Options for paying for care
  • Your ability to self insure costs
  • Important components of a LTC insurance policy
  • The new Partnership Plans
  • LTC premium deductibility
  • Review a comparison of top plans for your situation
Long-term care insurance is the cornerstone of a solid financial plan. It provides a plan of care, asset protection and peace of mind.