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“I have been a client of Harding Harding& Associates for many years. They have provided me with both Prescription Drug programs and Supplemental Health insurance. Ryan and Steven have continually searched for the best and most economical plans which best suited my needs. This is a very professional group that knows how important client relationships are, in their very competitive business. The friends that i have recommended to them have all thanked me for this great contact..”

“A few years ago I went to a dinner and listened to a talk about long term nursing home care, its costs etc. The talk was about the benefits of having insurance to cover these costs which can be tremendous; far more than the average family care afford. After reviewing several companies personally with Ryan, I chose Penn Treaty for my long-term care insurance plan.

Then without warning, I suffered a stroke and while trying to recover I suffered a heart attack and required a quadruple by-pass operation. After months of healing I had to go to an assisted living facility for constant care.

I am now in my third facility trying to find better food and living conditions. The costs are always increasing and let me tell you the best decision I ever made was going to that dinner, meeting Ryan Harding, and learning about long term nursing care, and Penn Treaty Insurance Company. It has saved my life.”

“RE: My parent's Long Term Care (LTC) policies

Just wanted to touch base following Dad's passing in April. As you may recall they had purchased LTC policies, many years ago, through a well established Canton insurance firm that specialized in insurance for small, family held, corporations and businesses. They relied upon the Canton insurance firm to recommend/provide insurance carriers for their homeowners, corporation owned buildings, equipment, rental properties, trucks & automobiles, product liability, personal liability and LTC insurances.

I first learned of Jack Harding in 1989; shortly after they purchased their LTC policies. Their primary, Canton insurance firm, would refer all questions, related to their LTC policies, to your office as Managing General Agent (MGA).

We have relied heavily upon Harding, Harding & Associates, during the past few years, when Mom and Dad both needed to utilize their LTC insurance. Actually, we have referred to you (Jack) as our "LTC insurance advocate". Your working knowledge of the LTC system and our specific LTC insurance carrier helped us obtain reimbursement for several months of home health care (that we would have overlooked) in addition to nursing home care.

Jack, we wish to thank you for your on going service and look forward to a continued relationship with Harding, Harding & Associates as we proceed with our estate planning. We understand that your firm works closely with our elder care attorney as well as our CPA. Your input, advice and recommendations will be requested on LTC / annuity programs including any legal exclusion, permitted by IRS, for taxpayers having LTC policies.”

“December 30, 1997
To Whom It May Concern:

Within the past 18 months I have analyzed the long-term care market for purchase of a policy. I did feel that my analysis was quite thorough and I made a decision. However, after attending a long-term care seminar conducted by Harding & Harding, followed by an in-depth personal analysis by Jack Harding, I was astounded at the gap in my personal analysis of long-term care policies.

Jack's thorough and professional knowledge of long-term care surpassed previous agents I was exposed to by an astronomical margin.

I recommend Jack Harding for long-term care advice and counsel without reservation. If further input is required, please contact me.

Respectfully Submitted,”

“March 23, 2001.

When we discussed the possibility of acquiring Long Term Care Insurance, I knew that some day I might need it, but did not have any idea or concept of what in the world I was getting involved in. I did not acquire it and now it is too late for my wife Mabel. Mabel has Alzheimer's and has gone down hill over the years and now is permanently in a rest home. The doctor tells me this could go on for 1-10 years..

If you and a client are discussing Long Term Care Insurance you have my permission to show this letter to them. I would tell them, don't put it off because my cost now is $200.00 dollars a day for the rest home, plus medicine, plus nurses. To give you an idea I am spending today about $12,000.00 per month to maintain my wife. This nursing home is a nice nursing home however it is not the Ritz Carlton. Jack, I just wanted to drop this note to you and to tell you how sorry I am for not taking this policy out on my wife. I just want to save others the grief and money.