Trusted Advisors:

What other Trusted Advisors have to say.

"Our firm has chosen to work w/Harding Harding & Associates for many years. They are seasoned professionals we know we can trust. This partnership has benefited our clients in general and my family in particular in many ways. I am insured through them.

Ryan and Jack can be relied upon to provide competent and objective advice as well as to bring clarity to the often times confusing and complex world of Long Term Care insurance.

They help us understand the best way to mitigate the risk and expense of care that we may all face as we age. Over and over again in our practice, we see families that could be and in some cases are, financially devastated by the cost of care for their loved ones. Ryan and Jack understand that cost, know the market, and the individual carriers that would best fit the individual client.

Jack and Ryan are quick to respond and follow up. The staff at Harding Harding & Associates are courteous and professional. It is a pleasure to work with them. We would not hesitate to recommend the services of Harding Harding & Associates."


"We have maintained our association with Harding Harding and Associates since 10970. As an independent long-term care planner, they represent the most reputable plans available, and have constantly assisted us in preparing the best possible recommendations for our clients. We have found their knowledge of long-term care companies and policies to be unmatched.”

"Harding & Harding are the people we rely on to give us the best long term care products for our clients. They are the only firm we use.”