Welcome to Medicare

Making Medicare Choices Easy
Increasing LTC Costs

Coming onto Medicare can be a confusing time for most Americans. Medicare’s alphabet soup of Parts A, B, C, and D can be difficult to decipher. You are bombarded with mailings, television advertisements, and meetings promoting options. Most people are confused and do not know where to turn for solid advice and assistance. Our agency has specialized in assisting Medicare beneficiaries with their secondary options since Medicare began.

Your Medicare planning is very important. This is your health care at a time in life when we all need it most.

Considerations for a health care plan at this time should include:
  • Doctor and hospital choice
  • Access to specialists
  • Ability to travel
  • Plan guarantees
  • Quality of care
  • Convenience

We can help you make sense of Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans (HMO / PPO), and Part D (prescription drug plan) options. We can assist you in choosing the option that is best suited for your needs.