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We at Harding Harding and Associates, Inc. strive to bring our clients and trusted advisors the highest quality of planning and service, in the Medicare Supplement and Long-Term Care insurance planning arenas.

Our unique approach as an independent planner / consultant sets us apart from others who “simply sell long-term care insurance”. Our goal is to educate you so that you have a better understanding of the long-term care problem, then to assist you in addressing that problem with a suitable policy for your situation. We meet with you, determine the role insurance should play in your planning, and then help you shop for the right possible solution.

We pride ourselves on finding the best solution for each client we work with. We work primarily by referral from existing clients and the Trusted Advisors that rely on our expertise for their client’s needs. We offer everyone the option to use us as their broker or as an advisor/consultant.

For those going on to Medicare we have specialized in assisting clients with their Medicare planning options since Medicare began. We help you to better understand your Medicare options and benefits, and then to choose supplemental coverage that promotes your control over your health care and freedom of choice of provide

We’ll also be there when you need us. When the time comes that you have a claim, question or concern, we’ll be there to assist you. We’re the first call you make when you have a question about your plan or benefits. At claim time, we’ll meet with you and your family members to discuss the care options available and how to maximize your policy benefits. Our nationwide toll free number gives you direct access to our agency from anywhere in the country.