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Harding Harding & Associates, Inc.

Harding, Harding and Associates, Inc. was started in 1962 by Jack Harding, Sr. as a supplemental health insurance agency specializing in supplemental insurance for seniors. When Medicare began in 1966, it was a natural transition for the agency into the Medicare supplement arena

In 1970, Jack Harding Sr. was asked to assist in developing one of the first nursing home insurance plans to be offered in Ohio. This plan was introduced in 1972 and was just the beginning of what has evolved into the most important aspect of retirement planning: Protecting one's assets against the catastrophic expense of Long-Term Care.

Jack Harding Sr. was joined by Jack Harding Jr. in 1978. In 1981, Charlotte Harding joined the agency followed by Ryan Harding in 1983. Steven Harding was our most recent addition, joining the agency in 1999

In 1981, Harding, Harding and Associates, Inc. designed one of the first Group Retiree's Medicare Supplement programs for employers in Ohio, many of which are still in force today.

In 1983, Harding, Harding and Associates, Inc. started promoting the concept of partnering with Trusted Advisors to bring Long-Term Care education and planning services to their clients.

We began educational seminars on Long-Term Care to inform these various groups that Long-Term Care insurance is the answer for asset protection. Being an independent agency, we have researched and contracted with the highest rated carriers in the industry.