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Since 1970 we have designed, critiqued, and brokered Long-Term Care Insurance. We research and bring to you the highest rated plans for Long-Term Care Insurance in Ohio. With over 60 years of combined experience, we can provide knowledge and insight that can only be gained through experience in this market.

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Long-Term Care:

Long-Term Care for Worksites

Invest in Your Business and Protect Your Future

Employers today are looking for meaningful benefits to protect and retain their valuable employees. Long-term care insurance is the missing link in health care protection that can help employees protect their financial future. Employers across the nation are adding this important benefit and enjoying the tax advantages it brings.

Long-Term Care Insurance is a meaningful employee benefit that can:

  • Relieve the stress of caregiving
  • Protect retirement savings
  • Enrich your benefit package
  • Prevent loss productivity

Long-Term Care Insurance Flexibility

Key Employee Carve Out Plan:

One of the toughest challenges faced by business today is hiring, training, and retaining a core group of top key executives. One of the best ways to reward these executives is through a benefits package that protects their retirement. Adding long-term care insurance to your existing programs is way to ensure that you key employees are with you for years to come.

key employees
  • Select key employees to cover
  • Employee owns policy, fully portable
  • Employer pays premium
  • Premiums are fully deductible as business expense

Base Plan:

More and more employers are providing a base level of coverage for the entire employee group. This provides a valuable core level of protection to the whole employee base.

  • Base plan issued to employees with simplified or guaranteed issued underwriting and discounted premiums
  • Premiums paid for the employee’s base plan may be tax deductible to the business
  • Eligible employees can apply for “buy up”, additional coverage, usually with “simplified underwriting”

Carve-Out / Voluntary Combination:

You may choose to have a key employee long-term care insurance carve-out and combine it with a voluntary offering to all other employees.

  • Participation in the voluntary plan would be at little or no cost to the employer, and
  • The insurance coverage can be extended to employee’s family members at a discount

Significant Tax Advantages

Employer paid long-term care insurance offers tax advantages for both the employer and employee.

  • Employers can deduct 100% of the premiums paid for LTC insurance as a business expense
  • Most employees can exclude LTC from their gross income (when paid by their employer) and are not taxed on the LTC insurance benefits they receive